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Leeds, United Kingdom
Mortie @2016-07-25
from uk United Kingdom
Leeds, United Kingdom
Mortie @2016-07-25
from uk United Kingdom
Leeds, United Kingdom
hackedoff @2016-07-03
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Macclesfield, United Kingdom
kimberley @2016-06-15
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York, United Kingdom
Bensdeck @2016-06-07
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A Reasonable Man @2016-06-06
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Macclesfield, United Kingdom
CoffeeKing @2016-05-09
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Macclesfield, United Kingdom
Sunnyside @2016-04-25
from uk United Kingdom
United Kingdom
RogerL @2016-04-05
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Northvale, United States
bordengomez @2016-03-31
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United States
Neolesth @2016-03-15
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milton keynes, United Kingdom
sb4100 @2016-03-13
from uk United Kingdom
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Home » Reviews: Go Skate / / Goskate

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2012-01-01 Go Skate / / Goskate
United Kingdom -
I'm fuming. Never again.(-5)
Update to review
Posted by: fedupwithgoskate from uk United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
fedupwithgoskate @ 2012-01-01
Finally got my money back by applying through the chargeback scheme from my credit card. Go skate didn't respond within the 60 day time limit, didn't even try and argue the case so were obviously in the wrong. Hope the other person who had a terrible experience with this appalling company might be able to try this, but to all others thinking of trying out this 'experience', DON'T BOTHER!!!!

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WARNING! This company is designed to steal your money. We bought lessons from GoSkate for our son’s birthday. Steve Seminara, Sales with GoSkate was more than happy to take our credit card number and setup a schedule. We had our son’s birthday on a Saturday and GoSkate suggested lessons on Sunday morning. The Friday before Robert Guirola, Dir. Of Staffing with GoSkate had a conference call with the instructor Jimmy Flag and my wife to confirm the days and time for the first lesson. Our son excited about his lessons and was up Sunday ready to go but no instructor showed up. Robert returned our numerous calls Monday and rescheduled lessons with a new instructor Dean. The next lesson was to be on our son’s actual birthday and once again had a conference call with Robert and Dean to confirm the date. This time my wife asked Dean to call us before the lesson time if he could not make it. Not expecting it to happen a second time my son was up and ready to go but no instructor showed up. We made calls to Robert but we got voicemail. Steve Seminara answered his call and said this was unacceptable and said we would be getting a call shortly from Zach Crafts the Director or Services. We never received that call back. About an hour after the lesson were supposed to occur I received texts from Dean saying he was sorry and he knew he was getting fired but he couldn’t make it. We worked with Dean and said if he could be reliable for the rest of the lessons we would continue with him. We rescheduled for Saturday morning but this time Dean texted me at 10:20pm Friday saying he could not make it. At this point we wanted our money back. My wife called GoSkate and spoke with a Kevin about the refund for no services. Kevin laughed at us and said “I can’t believe we don’t give more refunds with the type of instructors we have” he then gave us Zach’s number. When we spoke to Zach he said he would note our refund “Request”. When my wife asked how soon the refund would be made he said “Well we actually have a no refund policy”. When I told him this was not on GoSkate’s website or on the email confirmation of payment. Zach said the customers have to request GoSkate’s return policy. It was evident that the person Zach was very young. We said we would just work with our credit card company and dispute the debit. Zach then told us they do this all the time so they will just recharge our card again. This is when Zach started having a disrespectful attitude so I asked for his manager and his reply was he has no manager. My wife asked for the owners Rob Dunfey’s number and Zach said he doesn’t take calls from his customers.
If you do not want to disappoint your child then save your time and money and stay away from
EddieF @2012-08-26 05:02:30 from us United States
Is it Genuine?
I'm fuming. Never again.(-5)

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Subject Rate will steal your money
Go Skate / / Goskate
Posted by: EddieF @2012-08-26 from us United States
I'm fuming. Never again. (-5)
Go Skate / / Goskate
Posted by: stacyp @2011-11-28 from uk United Kingdom
I'm fuming. Never again. (-5)
Goskate give terrible customer service experience
Go Skate / / Goskate
Posted by: fedupwithgoskate @2011-10-06 from uk United Kingdom
I'm fuming. Never again. (-5)
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