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2009-06-12 WRT Group
Kirkham, United Kingdom -
I'm fuming. Never again.(-5)
Fraud, lies, then threats
Posted by: jh10kr from United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
jh10kr @ 2009-06-12
I own a very small IT business which was set up following a long and totally disabling illness. I had to give up teaching and lecturing and recently set up the business which is run on a very part time basis as energy levels allow. I have also returned to teaching on a part time basis.
A salesman from Sales Point (WRT) persistently called by phone. Eventually I agreed to meet him at my home.
The salesman offered advertising on a post box in our local branch of Sainsbury's.
He told me the following:
1. Market research – Customers leaving the local Gravesend Sainsbury’s store were polled. They indicated that the top of their list of advertisers for the postbox would be a reliable local IT repair company. LIES!!!
2. The advertisements have produced excellent results around the country. LIES!!!
3. Their company offers the highest standards of customer care. LIES!!!
4. Sainsbury’s and other companies have been pleased to associate their names with WRT due to the highest quality of service WRT delivers to its customers. There no evidence of that, but plenty of evidence to the contrary from other customers. LIES!!!
5. I would have exclusive IT rights advertising on the postbox. LIES!!!!
6. Their postbox advertising methods are highly effective and generate large numbers of customers. LIES!!!
7. The advertising campaign was imminent. LIES!!!
8. Several other comments were made, all LIES!!
I declined the offer due to the very high costs involved. I explained that I could not possibly afford to risk such a large sum of money. I attempted to escort him to the door.
The salesman, on his way to the door, turned round and then further deliberately misrepresented and/or lied on several more important details, offering a much more attractive deal with much lower costs…LIES!!! including my right to cancel at any time…LIES!!!! and have a full refund on all monies paid (except for initial deposit of £157.58 +VAT for artwork etc)…LIES!!!! if no customers came forward.
This is roughly what I would have spent advertising locally and thought it was a reasonably good deal. I again asked him to confirm that I could cancel if there were no customers and he again confirmed that….LIES!!!!! That lessened the risk considerably.
I said I would think it over and asked him to ring back after we returned from holiday. He told me that the advertising campaign was imminent ….LIES!!! and I had to decide there and then because another company would have taken my slot by the time we returned. LIES!!!!. I signed up for the deal he described.
No copy of the “agreement” was left with me. The salesman had previously handed me a brochure but I had already given it back to him.
Artwork arrived after several weeks. It was of extremely poor quality. I had to design my own artwork which was sent back to WRT. My original design was then posted back to me for approval.
The post box advertising actually started months after the suggested time scale set out by the salesman, just before Christmas.
Not a single customer responded even during the busy Christmas period.
I wrote a letter of cancellation which I was told I was entitled to do by the salesman. My first letter was ignored. Later I had a very abrupt phone call demanding money. I explained the situation and was told to email Customer Services. I emailed them a copy of my cancellation letter.
Customer Services and Accounts at WRT Group plc sent a letter demanding the rest of the entire sum (over £500) and said that I could not cancel.
A further demand for payment arrived threatening legal action and the hiring of a debt recovery company.
I again wrote to Customer Services repeating the information I had already given them. I warned them that I would expose them and would contact Sainsbury’s (who seem to endorse this particular company - but for how much longer if they treat their customers like this?), BBC Watchdog and others.
WRT customers on the Internet state that all WRT Customer Services are interested in is prohibiting people from cancelling their contracts and threatening them with bailiffs and legal action if they don’t pay up.
“Don’t touch them with a bargepole” is how one of their customers put it.
I would suggest that this shower, or so called “company” is no better than common thieves and fraudsters.
I wrote again suggesting that fraud had taken place and their operations require a full investigation by the Office of Fair Trading.
A short while letter another letter arrived stating that an internal investigation had taken place, that the salesman denied making one of my claims (I assume he admitted all of the others?), that the artwork was satisfactory (as I had approved my own copy), that the timescale was within reason (even by their calculations it was many months), that I am locked into a full two year contract with them and there is no facility whatsoever to cancel, despite what their salesman promised and that I owe them the full amount which is in excess of £500.
I think their whole approach is indecent, dishonest, fraudulent, outrageous, greedy and illegal. It must be stopped immediately.
It would appear that many others have experienced similar problems to me. Just look at comments made on the Internet about this “company”.
I urge NOBODY to even consider dealing with these LIARS and CROOKS.
I am presently collating information about these fraudulent parasites from previous and existing customers of theirs. A fascinating pattern is emerging which relies on individuals being swindled by completely dishonest and ruthless salesmen, then being sold one product but actually signing up to a far more expensive in an unwanted but so called legally binding deal. The customer then feels totally isolated and helpless, being made to feel that it is their fault and that they are the only ones suffering at the hand of these crooks.
I have had very many sleepless nights as a result of their fraudulent operations and threatening demands and my health has suffered.
This so called “company” is hiding behind honourable and highly respected High Street names….but for how much longer? Once word gets out about their fraudulent sales techniques they will be immediately dropped – and quite rightly so.
If you have had dealings (good or bad) with WRT or Service Point (or any other branch of their company advertising in Sainsbury, Debenhams, Homebase or Tesco etc) please email me at
I will be taking my evidence to the Police, the Office of Fair Trading and will post copies to the managing directors of Sainsbury’s, Tesco and every other place WRT have advertising placements in.

Administrator @ 2009-07-02
Recipient (WRT Group) exceeded 20 days time for a response.
Administrator @ 2009-07-22
Reviewer jh10kr exceeded 20 days time for a response.
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Further to my comment below.

Please contact me or 07787 309683 if you can help with my case. It may go to court and I could do with some writen statements if anyone would like to help. Anything where their salsment have lied, in order to get you to sign a contract.
Bristol Builder @2012-11-15 20:26:17 from uk United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
I'm fuming. Never again.(-5)

Has anyone had any bad dealings with the above companies, they are all party of the same group.

I have been swindled out of money by them and a little by my naivety.

I had a call from a salesmen saying he was from Wickes. (Lie, he works for Storemedia)
He told me that Wickes were looking to get local builders working with local stores for local customers. He said that Wickes fit kitchen, but at the moment do not do any building work and that rather than have members of staff maybe giving out the mates numbers, they decided to work with local builders.

They offer a card slot and card placed in it at the front of stores as well as putting you on a list for building works. He said that staff would recommend up to 3 builders in each store and that we would work very close with Wickes designers. He said that we would be able to show on our website that we work with Wickes, by showing their logo.

At this point your all thinking that I should have seen that it was a con, but he had loads of Wickes documentation and imagery.

I signed up to the deal, deposit 560 and contract total of 2250 for 2 years.
I went to the local store the next day to say hello to the designers, they told me that it was all lies and that Storemedia have nothing to do with them. Except they pay to have their card dispenser at the front of the store.

Im sure lots of there are lots of you thinking what a fool, which to be honest I was.

If you have been approached by them please stay well away. Also if they contacted you saying they worked for Wickes and you fancy jotting that down for my court case, that would be much appreciated.

Please do leave helpful comments
Bristol Builder @2012-11-15 20:22:36 from uk United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
I'm fuming. Never again.(-5)

windsor associates (also trading as wrt holdings ltd) in association with advertising in tesco, beware of this company offering advertising in tesco, they make lots of promises but do not keep to them, then after they break their promises leaving you with a massive bill they start threatening legal proceddings too

re:Advertise your local business with business cards, leaflets and digital signage in Tesco, Sainsbury's, Homebase and others. Distribution and unlimited printing for your cards and leaflets for the duration of your contract, all we got was 1000 leaflets

their full details are
kirkgate house
amy johnson way
blackpool business park
fy4 2rp

tel: 0871 789 7777

reg co no. 04805478

the contact was Lee Dixon

the initial rep who visited us made these promises, we paid a large deposit, then a month later she apparently left the company
bndlaptops @2012-03-29 21:10:10 from uk United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
I'm fuming. Never again.(-5)

I would like to disagree, I have been advertising in my local tesco for over 6 years using winsor associates ( wrtgroup) and it has proven to be my main sorce of advertising localy.. As far as I can see wrt have not lied about what you were paying for. Every store and area Is different, you should know that if you run a business. By the sounds of it you are just bitter and maybe you should of given another I.t company a chance to make some money rather than complaining. It is not fair to slander a company when they quite simply done what they said they were going to do. Just my opinion, they have done well for me.
@2010-09-17 22:37:21 from United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
Positive. I like your approach.(3)

I and other people have had the same experience from WRT Services.

No-one on the advertisment has even had 1 response.
I warn any other local businesses to say NO to this organisation.

It costs a lot of money and no benefits to your company in my experience.
@2010-09-08 13:34:52 from United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
I'm fuming. Never again.(-5)

I and other people have had the same experience from WRT Services.

No-one on the advertisment has even had 1 response.
I warn any other local businesses to say NO to this organisation.

It costs a lot of money and no benefits to your company in my experience.
@2010-09-08 13:34:51 from United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
I'm fuming. Never again.(-5)

I used WRT for SEO after they called me claiming to be Google. They then called me next week claiming to be from Sainsburys. When I pointed out that they are not allowed to say they work for a company which they do not they apologised, only for someone to call me again a few days later claiming to be from another different company! Dont touch this firm, they'l lie about everything to you
@2010-08-04 12:00:51 from United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
I'm fuming. Never again.(-5)

i can only say i had a very good response with the tesco i advertised in. salesman wasnt pushy and i went into it eyes wide open and was happy with the response. you have to appreciate every salesperson is different and all advertising varies, there are never any guarantees so you have to accept that. all i can say is it worked well for me and would be happy to renew.
@2010-07-21 01:08:56 from United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
Positive. I like your approach.(3)

WRT is a thoroughly reputable company with an excellent after sales service and I can only assume that thosev with a grievance did not fully understand what was involved.
@2010-05-25 18:11:39 from United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
Superb, I would only deal with you(5)

Well I have to say that I have had a great response from WRT as I have been in a sainsburys store for the last 4 years. The first time round it worked better than this time but that might be down to the economy. Although this time round it has more than paid for itself. One gripe was that my cards ran out before the 15 days they are meant to restock and I had to wait 6 days. Apart from that im pretty happy with their service.
@2010-04-19 15:33:47 from United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?
Great, I'm happy to deal with you again.(4)

WRT Group
Another customer writes:
i've just been conned by them to by a salesman useing the same tacktics. i'm writting to watchdog, do the same and hopfully they will take them on.
jh10kr @2009-06-27 00:14:10 from United Kingdom
Is it Genuine?

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Total Waste of Advertising Budget - AVOID AT ALL COSTS
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Good experience
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Positive. I like your approach. (3)
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Superb, I would only deal with you (5)
WRT Group Scam
WRT Group
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I'm fuming. Never again. (-5)
In store advert / business card display in Tesco
WRT Group
Posted by: motionmusicdisco @2011-07-10 from uk United Kingdom
I'm fuming. Never again. (-5)
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